Fee Tiers & Other Policies

Important terminology regarding fees you might incur
Fee Tiers

Fee Tiers

Session fees are located on each school page, and on the booking popup. The session fee you pay depends on the applicable tier at time of booking. Explanation on each fee tier is below.

EARLY BIRD - The EARLY BIRD catches the worm by booking at least 14 days in advance. It's the cheapest tier, and perfect if you know your weekly schedule with confidence.

WEEK AHEAD - Working to a variable schedule? Book at least 3 days in advance and you can secure the WEEK AHEAD tier.

DAY AHEAD - Working casually, or have only a few days of visibility? Get the DAY AHEAD tier by booking at least 24 hours in advance.

LAST MINUTE - Your meeting overran, or maybe your plans changed. Don't panic, for LAST MINUTE can save the day! Book at least 1 minute prior to the session start time; easy to do via your phone or tablet.


EMERGENCY - We get it, plans don't always go to plan. If your child is enrolled, they can still walk in as an EMERGENCY* without a booking. Lack of notice requires extra educator attention for your child and might require rostering extra staff, so don't be surprised to pay a premium. Avoid pain via a LAST MINUTE booking.

*EMERGENCY is not guaranteed. If the service is at its maximum licensed capacity, if the excursion bus is full, if your enrolment is incomplete or for other reasons, you might be turned away. If in doubt, book.

Required notice is calculated to the exact second. As an example, Early Bird requires booking 14 days in advance. To secure the Early Bird tier for a session that starts at 3pm on 28 March, you must book no later than 2:59:59pm on 14 March.

Session prices for each tier can change between time of booking and time of attendance. For example, if the Early Bird price changes from $25 to $27, the new price will apply to you if the session you booked has not yet occurred. We will notify you in advance if this scenario occurs.

Other Policies

Other Polices

Other session policies are shown on each school page. Here is an explanation of each.


  • The Cancellation Period is the required notice period to remove a booking without penalty. It is expressed in days.
  • As an example, let's assume you booked a session that begins at 3pm on 28 March. If the cancellation period is 7 days, you would need to cancel by 2:59 pm on 21 March.
  • You can remove the booking without giving sufficient notice, but you would remain liable for the session fee (less any Child Care Subsidy) and it is treated as an absence. If you wish to ask for leniency in special circumstances, you should contact the Service Provider instead of LookedAfter.
  • Good news! If you book in error, you can remove without consequence within the first two hours. No edits are possible within 1 minute of the session start time.
  • To remove a booking, use the icon within the dashboard menu to display all bookings. Open the booking of interest to review its details, then remove if desired. You will be warned if the booking will be marked as an absence.
  • If you know your child will be absent, please notify us by removing the booking. If you do not notify us, the Service Provider has an obligation to contact you and will contact relevant authorities if they cannot reach you.

If applicable, we send an email at the end of each hour to confirm your booking activity. This includes confirmation of any bookings removed. Please contact us if you have questions about your booking removals.


  • If you pick up your child after the stated end time, you are liable for a late pickup fee.
  • The late pickup fee is expressed as a $ amount per minute, with incomplete minutes rounded down.
  • As an example, if the session finished at 6pm and you collected your child at 6:05:30 pm, you are deemed five minutes late. If the late pickup fee is $2 per minute, you would be liable for an extra $10 (5 mins x $2 per minute = $10).
  • Child Care Subsidy is not applied to late pick-up fees.
  • We strongly discourage late pickups for two reasons. Firstly, the service is only licenced to provide care until the official end time. Secondly, it creates inconvenience for staff who might have made other plans.
  • If you think you might be late, please contact the Service Provider to let them know.


  • Statements are issued fortnightly and you can pay them anytime before the due date.
  • If you provided us with a debit or credit card, we will attempt to process payment for the amount owing (grossed up with surcharge) against your card on the day following the due date. If the payment attempt fails, we send you via email a notification with failure reason.
  • If your statement remains unpaid, you are liable for a late payment fee. The late payment fee is $10 and is applied to your account each Sunday evening when you have overdue debt.
  • If you wish to request relief from late payment fees, you must contact us with reasons before the statement payment due date.


Other relevant policies are stated in our Terms & Conditions.

Our Guide for Families explains how to enrol, book, and pay.

Our Helpdesk page provides answers to common account holder questions, including on Child Care Subsidy.

Please contact us if you have questions about LookedAfter or if you have suggestions to make LookedAfter even better.

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