Guide for Parents

How to get started with LookedAfter


You must complete your enrolment before you can book. Enrolment takes 10-15 minutes and you can avoid pain by locating the information below before you begin:

  • A CRN for you and your child. This is issued by Centrelink and determines child care entitlements. You do not need a CRN but you will pay full fees without it.
  • A photo of your child.
  • A recent statement of your child's immunisation history (downloadable from myGov - My Health Record)
  • Information on any special conditions applying to your child. If there is a custody order, we need this document. If your child has asthma, anaphylaxis or an allergy, we need a recent action plan signed by a doctor. Common action plans can be found here
  • Phone number and address for your child's doctor, for each parent / guardian and for two other contacts who can be notified in an emergency. You can add other contacts if you wish. Service providers check identification when collecting your child.

If parts of your enrolment are incomplete, these are identified by the icon. You cannot make bookings until your enrolment is complete.

We will review if special conditions apply to your child, so please be patient if we ask for further information. Contact us if you need help.



You can find your school or holiday program via the icon on the dashboard menu. For easy future retrieval, use the icon to add the school as a favourite.

  • Select the school to see what's on. Select a session to view times, prices and availability, then select your child and book. Repeat as needed for each child. Use the Recurring Booking button to make regular bookings.
  • If you are not able to book, the reason will display clearly in red letters. The most common reason we see is insufficient emergency contacts.
  • Use the icon to see past and future bookings for each child at each school. Open bookings here to see session information, and also to remove the booking if needed.

If applicable, we send an email at the end of each day to confirm your booking activity. We also send an email each Saturday morning to notify you of upcoming attendances for the week ahead. Please contact us if you have questions about your activity or attendances.



We send invoices fortnightly in arrears.

  • We ask for a debit or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) and store this card with SecurePay, owned by Australia Post. We debit your stored card on the specified date for the amount owed - it's our “set and forget” method.
  • We do not offer a traditional Direct Debit facility, but payments will deduct automatically from your bank account if you supply a valid debit card displaying a VISA or MASTERCARD logo. Most banks can issue these cards if you ask, often at no cost. EFTPOS cards are not accepted.
  • You can pay by POLi instead if you prefer, even if you added a stored card. With POLi you can pay invoices without surcharge via your internet banking account. POLi is owned by Australia Post, the owner of SecurePay. You will be prompted to enter your internet banking login details, but these are not sent to (or seen by) LookedAfter.
  • Adding or updating a stored card is easy. We charge your card $30.00 and credit funds to your LookedAfter account for spending. There is a 1.5% surcharge on card transactions.
  • LookedAfter account holders without a debit or credit card can contact us to request a waiver. If approved, you will be able to make bookings without a stored card although you might be asked to deposit funds in advance.

You can see a summary of invoices, payments and session charges via the icon within your account.


Our Fee Tiers & Policies page explains fee tiers and associated policies applying within LookedAfter.

LookedAfter does not set session prices or policies for each school; these are set by the relevant service provider. As such, we can clarify information about prices and policies but any requests or feedback about these policies will be passed on to the service provider to respond.

Please contact us if you have questions about LookedAfter or if you have suggestions to make LookedAfter even better.

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