Your children love your OSHC program. You should love it too.

LookedAfter is your long-term OSHC partner with a difference

If you're running an OSHC program or considering taking the plunge, there's much to think about. A great OSHC program reflects well on the school and its community. We want programs to survive and thrive.

With LookedAfter you retain the responsibility / profits / joy of running the program, with us as your behind-the-scenes operating partner. This means:

  • You hold the service approval licence
  • You decide session times, session fees, session policies
  • We create the sessions and make them available
  • We handle enrolment and onboarding
  • We handle bookings
  • You staff the program and pay educators
  • You manage attendances, recorded electronically on our platform
  • We issue invoices and manage collections
  • We handle customer support, including account questions from families
  • You manage compliance / A&R, assisted by our forms and templates

LookedAfter is a unique middle-ground solution. It offers so much more than existing childcare software, without needing to outsource. With more time available to invest in promoting and running sessions, how great could your program become?

Session Visibility and Transparency

  • Easy to add and amend sessions.
  • Professional display of your service to families, with your logo.
  • Set prices and policies to suit your needs. Contact us for bespoke session design.
  • Session availability displays in real time to families. Get more enrolments and book out faster.

Centralised Enrolment and Bookings

  • Families enrol once with LookedAfter then can book at any service - including yours. No more paper forms.
  • Centralised child condition reviewed and managed, with localised risk management.
  • Bookings and cancellations accepted online (mobile-friendly) up to 1 minute before the session starts.
  • Centralised management of Complying Written Arrangements.

Future-Ready Attendance Management and Reporting

  • Add walk-ins to the roll as needed. Never miss a paid attendance.
  • Electronic sign in & sign out, designed for tablets. Works in any time zone!
  • Headcount checks and other forms and templates for great compliance.
  • Utilisation / booking / attendance / income metrics.

Centralised invoicing and collection

  • Liaison for Child Care Subsidy
  • Families receive one invoice covering all services, issued and managed by us.
  • Flexible and convenient payment options for families.

Works for schools and providers of any size

  • No set-up fee. No service is too big, too small or too remote.
  • Administration fee is based on attendances and session income - it's that simple. Contact us for a quote.
  • Designed for individual schools and multi-service providers, with great reporting.

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